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April 6th, 2007 by David Kronemyer · 5 Comments

DAVID KRONEMYER: Back when I was in high school, I had an idea, which was to take some English romantic poetry, and set it to music. Yes, we were so much younger then. I worked the whole thing up, but then, due to the pressures of other events, set it aside. My daughter Lauren avows the only music I played during her childhood was chord changes from its various songs, over and over again; in fact, she probably would attest, I knew no other chords! I don’t think that’s so, but it illustrates the lovely way in which reflection distills and then crystallizes impressions, to the exclusion of all other data.

About two decades later, I decided the time was right to finish it. I enlisted the help of my friend Leslie Chew, a brilliant producer-engineer, who recorded and mixed the project. After a few false starts, my friend Steve Chapman (who played drums for Al Stewart, and now manages Peter White) recommended Krysia Kristianne. Krysia immediately got what I was trying to accomplish, and the project never would have happened without her beautiful voice and vocal arrangements. I pretty much did everything else, with assistance from other friends who played various instruments on various tracks.

The project was distributed in the U.S. and internationally by JVC Records, while they still were in existence, that is. I can remember walking into Virgin Records in Manhattan and seeing an entire window display for it – as anybody who knows will tell you, a somewhat surreal experience. I’ve been wondering if there was anything else that could be done with it, when I remembered this new-fangled Internet thing as a way of distributing music. So, I resolved, from time to time, to post tracks from it, for your pleasure and enjoyment, such as it may be.

The first track is “Tyger” by William Blake.

Here’s the song:

And here are the lyrics (illustrated by Mr. Blake himself):