Tyger and Other Tales

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October 2nd, 2007 by David Kronemyer · No Comments


“Ozymandias” is hands-down the best poem in the English language. Pithy, concise, sardonic, ironic, expressive – whatever your mode of discourse, it’s got it covered. It therefore was a natural for the “Tyger and Other Tales” project. The arrangement is supposed to be evocative, suggesting a desert caravan at first, but struggling and then surging into something more powerful. We had to syncopate the phrasing a little bit, in order to make the words fit with the arrangement, and vice versa. What I mainly remember is that it was complex to record, with at least 72 channels of stuff happening, probably more with returns. Krysia’s beautiful singing has just the right measure of world-weariness, resignation, defiance and pathos.

Napoleon viewing the Sphinx; contemplating his mortality.

Napoleon at the Sphinx